Girl Scouts demonstrate “I can make change happen!”

On Saturday, April 4, three Girl Scout Troops in South Orange County, CA (Troops # 2641, 3139 and 1175) contributed their cookie sales to help the Western Bluebird and other similar birds that need dead and dying trees in which to nest.  The recipient of the Scouts hard-earned dollars was the Southern California Bluebird Club and its Cavity Conservation Initiative.

The Scouts, about half of which were Kindergarten age, learned that human population growth has resulted in the steady removal of dead trees.  This trend has impacted some species of birds in Orange County, especially Western Bluebirds, Wood Ducks and Tree Swallows.  Their dollars will support the club’s work to maintain and monitor hundreds of nest boxes and most importantly, to work with land managers to safely retain more dead trees.

Before an adult audience of about 40, each Scout shared what she had learned during their educational project.   Club members were impressed at the breadth of their understanding of the issue.

Scouts were awarded the club’s Mr. Edison Wildlife Tree Warden embroidered patch for their efforts.  (Mr. Edison is the club’s woodpecker mascot, named after the Edison Company which sponsored him.) The troops also received a large Wildlife Tree poster which the club hopes they will use as a teaching tool in  future conservation advocacy efforts.

The SCBC praised and thanked the young advocates for their commendable contribution to habitat protection.  The Scouts turned their knowledge into action and indeed helped to make change happen!  

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