Working for birds is a trip!

Literally and figuratively!   This past weekend we took on the long drive to San Diego to attend the San Diego Audubon Society’s annul birding festival in Mission Bay.  This is one of several events to which we travel annually.  But this one is splendidly organized and has something for everyone!  You might consider attending  next year, if you have never been.

Is it necessary to say that we went to provide a program about the ecological benefits of dead trees?  Probably not!   We were on the speaking agenda, but also to participate in their Family Day.  Photos tell the story…well almost all of it!

Naturally we wanted parents to take home our many important messages,  but it was the kids that kept charging our batteries.  Our seven Southern California Bluebird Club volunteers included high school student, Tomas Dardis, and graduate student, Natalia Doshi, from California State University at Fullerton.  Everyone was jumping jackrabbits trying to satisfy all those little curious eyes and hands.  Lots of  games and “touchables” made learning fun, including taxidermy on loan from our great partner, Sea and Sage Audubon!  Have you ever held an owl’s wing or feet in your hands?!!

But the giggles and best fun came when our costume turned some of the youngsters into woodpeckers, even one grandma!!  Parents were  practically jack rabbits with their cameras!  They left with adorable photos of their kids to post on social media!

We hope we made life better for some birds!


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