The Humane Gardener can be you!

When Nancy Lawson contacted the Cavity Conservation Initiative early in 2016 to discuss our focus on the ecological benefits of dead trees, we knew she was working on the final chapter of her book, The Humane Gardener.  Nurturing a Backyard Habitat for Wildlife.  The chapter, The Gift that Keeps on Giving:  Encourage Life in the Decay, pertained to the topic that is dear to our hearts.   As a gesture of her appreciation for our contribution, Nancy sent us a copy of her now-published book.  We are proud to recommend it.   Ah! But that is an understatement!  We do so with passion, and we hope its impact equals that of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring.

With the same engaging eloquence and humble, personal revelations, Nancy gently slips us into a new view of our backyard and traditional gardening practices.  Each chapter erodes our long-held aversions to many species of wildlife that strive to live among us.  Her practical advice and charming anecdotes coax us into imagining the wildlife-welcoming gardens that are within our reach.  And with the stirring of rolling thunder, her words forge a new conscience, one that can restore our small, personal patches of the world’s crust into the natural havens and birthplaces they were intended to be.

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