One old tree. Two new families.

Let’s appreciate birds for yet another reason.  For reminding us that a dead tree is a place where life begins!

A few years ago, Orange County Parks’ Supervising Park Ranger, Adam Shuck, approved this tree (among others) for retention in his park.  This week, while on a field trip with Sea and Sage Audubon, birdwatcher and photographer, Bill Halladay, captured these Nuttall’s Woodpeckers as they changed work shifts inside their tree nursery!

This is the second year the woodpeckers have raised a family in this tree.  What more evidence do we need that there are great dividends to having woodpeckers as neighbors?  They are great community volunteers!  Western Bluebirds and other small cavity-nesting birds are free to nest in their old, vacant homes!  And bluebirds are doing just that!!  (Wish we had a photo of the time-sharers!)

Thanks to Bill for sharing the awesome moment!

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