A young man continues to help birds

Give your heart a lift by learning about young Dessi Sieburth, resident of Southern California.   We last wrote about him in 2015.  He is now fifteen and we felt it time for an update, particularly since he has just published an article about his work. Open this link to read it: http://losangelesaudubon.org/western-tanager-section/volume-84-category/vol-84-no-2-nov-dec-2017/young-birders-the-western-bluebird-conservation-project  These photos bare witness to what he has done for birds.

From the age of eight, birdwatching carved meaning into, and gave Dessi’s life direction.  He dreams of being an ornithologist.  Look closely at these photos to guess at Dessi’s scope of bird knowledge, illustration and documentation skills, public speaking ability, nature photography, publications in newsletters, national awards, and scholarships for bird travel.

These things were not only the outcome of having wise and supportive parents.  They were built on his daily decisions about how to spend his time, with whom, what to care about, what to sacrifice, what activities and subjects to explore, what mentors to seek out, what fears to push aside, what risks to take, how to earn money for what he wanted, how to persevere when he was dog tired, disappointed and frustrated.  They grew with his ability to feel empathy, to think beyond his own life, to understand how humans impact each other and the planet.

Infinitesimal decisions day after day continue to carve Dessi’s place in the world.  They allow his hope to seek opportunity.  And they reveal to us what is possible even in childhood, though Dessi is well on his way to manhood now.  Please share his story.

To keep up with Dessi’s activities, go to: http://protectingourbirds.my-free.website/


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