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Large Tree Sign

Put our sign on a dead tree

Put our sign on a dead tree

Thanks to the generosity of the Land Trust of the Upper Arkansas we now have new and improved wildlife tree sign. It is made of aluminum and is 7 1/2 “X 11 1/2″. Here’s your opportunity to educate the public about why a dead tree has been retained.

Price $10 (shipping included)

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Small Tree Sign

A smaller version of our tree sign, 4.5" x 5"

A smaller version of our tree sign, 4.5″ x 5″

Price $8 (shipping included)


This professionally designed illustration represents the value of dead and dying trees to wildlife. Many animal and plant species are illustrated with pop out circles providing identification. Size 18″ X 24″. Price $15.58 (includes shipping)

If you would be interested in working with our illustrator on a project of your own visit Monica Edwards’ website.

Wildlife Tree Poster


For Educators

“The Wonderful Life of a Dying Tree” Outdoor Educator’s Kit

Outdoor Educator’s Kit

This kit is suitable for ages 5-10. It comes to you in a mailing tube and is designed primarily for teachers without walls. Its theme is that dead and dying trees are valuable to habitats and vital to many species.

Contents include:


Our custom 4GB flash drive holds printable files

  • Our full color professional Wildlife Tree poster (lamination recommended)
  • A Log’s Life by Wendy Pferrer (a beautifully illustrated read-aloud book which also contains a teacher’s guide in the back)
  • A customized flash drive (shown above) contains the following files:
    • Ten printable black and white activity sheets (One is a search and find checklist suitable for use on a field trip. Three of the materials are more advanced versions of others.)
    • Eight 8 1/2″ X 11″ printable color picture flash cards with text. (lamination recommended)
    • An easy to color and assemble woodpecker cavity craft which you can find pictured lower on this page

The kit also contains a teacher prep sheet, helpful fact sheet to support questions and answers and a guide for creating an interpretive program.

Price $45 (shipping included)

Our Custom 4GB Flash Drive


Our unique flash drive makes a great gift and also a practical way to save files you download from our website. Mr. Edison’s image and our website address on the reverse side allows you to easily remember what you stored on this drive.

$12 (postage included)

Woodpecker Cavity Craft

children's craft activity

Color and cut out woodpecker cavity with nestlings inside

You will receive via email three printable black and white materials on three 8 1/2″ X 11″ sheets of paper. Step by step instructions with photos are included.

Kids color and cut out the three materials to create this easy to assemble, stand-up cavity with open top. (Inside view contains nestlings begging for food.) All you need is crayons, scissors, glue, paper clips and a stapler.

Price  $8

Mr. Edison’s Wildlife Tree Warden Patch


If you are a docent, naturalist, teacher or Scout leader and would like to award these patches to your own group of youngsters after studying dead trees, you can purchase them for only $2 ea.

$2.00 each (postage included)


Rocks in My Socks

rhyming clues game

Rhyming clues lead to painted rocks

A guessing game that appeals to all ages!

Read the clues attached to each sock and try to guess what creature hides inside. (Rocks inside are painted with images of creatures which use dead trees.)  Purchase our clues for 14 species and you provide the rest. How about getting a young artist to paint the rocks? Our clues come to you via email. Print and cut them out. Laminate them for durability. Safety pin them to kids’ socks suitable for the size of your rocks. We used a knit hat to hold our game but you can simply use a box or small basket.

Price $5